‘‘ Durable for handsome, hardworking men : Handsome strong quality materials, double thickness where strain comes, extra «can’t sag», neck band lap so collar fits snug. Milton Goodman for workmen and millionaires’’

In the 1900’s men’s work wear relied upon comfortable, practical and durable work shirts designed with contemporary elements and modern functionality in mind. Whereas, in the same era women’s fashion whether work wear or other was still trapped under the rules of the Belle Epoque and the idealistic image the Gibson Girl. While men were wearing comfortable shirts designed to enhance their manliness, women were strapped in tight corsets highlighting the image of the fragile lady and voluptuous women

Many during that period tried to fight this epitomized imagery of women but also of men. Famous dancers Isadora Duncan and Loie Fuller tried to free the body from the corset through their liberating and freeing dances.

The work shirt brands and the culture they cultivated not only disregarding women’s needs for practicality but also categorized men as only super masculine and neglected a softer and more sensible side to a man. This collection aims to on one hand give women a shirt that will enhance their beauty yet still give them a sense of practicality, freedom, strength and looseness, on the other hand give men a sense of of softness, vulnerability, fragility and tenderness yet still highlighting a man’s features.

man’s features.
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