For this collection we were tasked to upcycle existing knitwear pieces through our research on the knit technique of our choice.  I chose Egyptian Tally embroidery done on a variety of knitted surfaces. The pieces created would ideally be then embroidered with the tally technique.

Tally is an openwork textile, embroidered with pure gold or silver. In the old days, aristocratic families in Egypt used to have a woman on staff permanently tasked only with making tally dresses. The making of a tally dress could take up to three months.

The decline in the popularity of tally was due to cultural reasons and not a change in fashion or style. The aristocracy abandoned wearing tally when belly dancers started applying the technique to their costumes. It was deemed inappropriate for conservative aristocratic women to wear the same dresses as belly dancers, who would put on shows in popular festivals and celebrations.

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