Henry Choice is a fictional character. He was created to be relatable, with a down to earth mentality. The story is that he is a mining worker from Nottingham, just a regular guy. Henry Choice still remains mysterious and up to adaptation. The character of Henry Choice is something that I found extremely interesting, this mining worker that seldom took off his jeans is mysteriously captivating. In today’s world we are constantly looking for brands with which we can connect and relate, brands or labels that have a story that reminds of us or reflects us, our struggles, passions and lives. This is why in this project I wanted to play around this character of Henry Choice and make him more relatable to the public yet still keeping his mysterious allure. I wanted Henry to be you, me or anybody. I started to think what could Henry be other than mining worker? What does he do after work or on the weekends? Well, I believe Henry listens to Kurt Cobain and enjoys grunge
music In this collection proposal I really aimed to create a persona to Henry Choice that is relatable, attainable and familiar. I wanted people to look at the pieces and feel this sense of easiness yet extreme creativity, comfort but also style, simplicity but also complexity. I want you to get to know Henry just enough to relate to him and still be curious about him.